Prime: Dance-Theater Performance April 14th


PRIME has toured over 50 performances across Italy, Belgium, Berlin, Stockholm, Dubai and New York City.


In the last year and a half, performers Neva Cockrell and Raphael Sacks have toured “Prime” over 50 performances across Italy, Belgium, Berlin, Stockholm, Dubai and New York City. After a beautiful experience performing in Boulder just this past week, we’re so excited to keep the momentum building and bring the show to Denver.

is a co-production of The Art Monastery Project (based in San Francisco and Italy) and Loom Ensemble (based in NYC and Dubai). Check back soon for more updates!
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Loom Ensemble is an interdisciplinary performance collective based in Dubai and New York City, weaving together equal parts dance, music and theater. We collaboratively create vibrant ensemble performances to nourish a sense of basic delight in our audiences, our peers and ourselves.

Neva Cockrell

As an international director, choreographer, and performer, Colorado native Neva Cockrell has performed across Europe, USA, UAE, and India touring new works each year since 2011. She specializes in high-energy, dynamic physical theater and dance. Cockrell is the Artistic Director of the Art Monastery Project’s Italian summer residency program, running three months of programming in Italy each year, and is a founding member and the choreographer of Loom Ensemble.

Photo credit: Fridolin Walcher.


Prime was built over four weeks in residence at an ex-convent in Italy. We began with little more than the prompt “dawn” and the late-summer ripeness of our surroundings. These led us to stories of a goddess who swallows the sun, people who turn to stone, Demeter’s sacred figs, and a giant with his heart hidden in an egg. There were lovers separated by dawn and lovers joined only at dawn. We wove what moved us into the poem-play you will witness on stage. I invite you to hold the images that resonate, and let the rest move through you as a dream you recall only in the early hours of a new day.
—Emma Jaster

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 April 14th 2016  8:00 pm