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An Independent Creative Community Hub

We Are Better Together.

Crossroads and it’s affiliates represent a creative epicenter of Denver; empowering the community toward success by providing supportive compassionate space for artists and craftspeople.



Let’s help you get space. Our maximum capacity is 130 with 89 fixed seats and enough moveable chairs to seat 100 comfortably (including accessible wheelchair/walker space). With 37 covered parking spots just off Washington street, we’re ready rain or shine to host your next event, meeting, performance or community gathering. Firmly rooted in Five Points, our programming engages and reflects cultural development in the area and generates sustainable community revenue for a variety of creatives and artisans.

Independent of the extensive and often cumbersome processes involved with common subsidized organizations, Crossroads Creative seeks to facilitate vibrant, dynamic community collaborations as well as local business partnerships.

Jaryd Smart (all black) and Erik Rodne (suspenders and hat) stand defending Crossroads Denver Theater's stage.

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Resources are cultivated and used by creatives within the space to act most directly on behalf of community needs, helping to share information, foster growth and promote community involvement.

Crossroads is more than a performance venue, it represents an idea: an economy where passion in one recognizes the passion in all.

There’s an opportunity to honor and love this malleable space which can earnestly hold up a sprawling artist community. Art is life, these integral cultural experiences add vibrance to everyday stories. This is an independent theatre that holds space with, and for, their neighbors on the Five Points.


We Are Better Together // Pay it Forward